Pants have been worn by every gender and age group since they were invented. As the popularity of jeans and pants spread around the globe, many different types are designed, like ripped jeans, baggy pants, and stack pants. Many brands have launched different styles so people can have variety while shopping. Stacked jeans are jeans that have been cut long. The fabric below the knee is evenly distributed. This gives it a relaxed, comfy look.

The concept of these jeans came from the era when people used to wear long jeans. If they didn’t fold the hems of the jeans, they would have to stack them from the ends. Fashionistas took this look a step further and exaggerated the look to the point where it became a separate fashion statement.

In this article, you’ll know how to style your stack pants perfectly. But first, take a brief look at the types of stack pants.

Type Of Stacked Pants

There are many types of stacked pants that are trendy and stylish. Such as baggy, skinny, and jogger-stacked pants.

  • Baggy stacked pants are loose from the thigh region, but because they have to stack from the bottom, the hem is fitted.
  • Skinny stacked pants are fitted all over. So, they can accentuate your curves making your legs look slimmer and beautiful.
  • Now, coming to jogger pants; they are made of fleece material instead of denim and cotton. They are used more in the gym, jogging, and in casual wear.

3 Ways to Style Your Stacked Pant

Dress it up

Wearing jeans doesn’t mean you have to keep it mainstream or boring. These stacked jeans are perfect to wear with a heel, as heels increase the stacked look. Stacked pants give your legs a slim appearance. You can style stack jeans up, letting you wear them to parties, nights out, and events with minimal makeup. You can also wear these pants to themed parties like Christmas and Halloween. Furthermore, you can also add chains and leather bands to your stack pants to make them stand out.

Keeping It Simple

Stacked jeans are attractive and look fabulous on the person who wears them. If you keep it low-key, match them with a t-shirt or half button-down shirt. Wear sneakers with these pants and minimal jewelry. You can also match these pants with boots and high-soled sneakers. While keeping it simple, you can fold the hem, giving you a different look without much effort.

Pair These with Elegant Shoes

When we wear stacked pants, because of their stacked hems, the shoes we wear becomes very prominent. For this reason, it is important to wear shoes that go with the look that you are trying to create. Many people prefer to wear sneakers and trainers like Nike and Adidas. Long leather boots with wedges and heels can also be worn, but if you wish to show off the stacked part, these choices are unsuitable.


These stacked pants are versatile pieces of clothing that the youth love. And wearing it has many benefits as you can look slim and younger. There are many options available in the market .and if you go for designer stacked pants, you’ll get more durable and stylish ones.

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