Spin XXL


Project Description

Spin XXL is a spin-the-bottle quiz app, which allows the user to test their general knowledge with friends. The app can be customised with a number of different themes, play with 2-8 players, and it includes sound effects, a speech engine, and a points system (1 point for a correct answer, minus 1 point for an incorrect answer).

The speech engine is used to announce the selected player after the spin has concluded, and also used to read out the question, the selected answer, and the correct answer.

The game can last between 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the user's selection at the start of the game. Nearing the end of the game, the bonus round starts, which allows the player to gain 2 points for a correct answer (but a loss of 2 points if the answer is incorrect). Finally, the game ends and the points are tallied, announcing the winner of the game.

Home Screen

The Home interface is very simple, allowing the user to see which theme they have selected to play with, along with the Play button, and access to additional Settings.

Main Screen

When the user first starts the game, they are asked what type of game they wish to play, either Short, Normal or Long, which can last up to 45 minutes. When the user is presented with the game screen, the speech engine will announce the start of the game, and the user is free to spin the object in the centre. When the object has finished spinning, the sound effect will play, and the speech engine will announce who is the selected player, before redirecting the user to the question view.

Question View

Once the bottle has finished spinning and has landed on a player icon, said player is directed to the Question View. The question is either a multiple choice, or true/false question. Getting the question correct, rewards the user with 1 point. An incorrect answer sees the player lose 1 point. After the player has answered, they are pushed back to the Main Game View.

Settings View

The Settings view allows the user to set a number of different options, such as Theme, Number of Players, and the enabling/disabling of Sound Effects (including the Speech mechanism). There are also options to rate the app, send feedback to OORAH! Games, and buy In-App Purchase items.

Final Points View

When the game has come to an end (determined by the ongoing game timer), the points are tallied, and the final player positions are read out, congratulating the winner, and giving commiserations to the losers. At this point, the players are able to play again, to return to the Main View.