Humble Tom Clancy Bundle is available now!

13th Sep, 2015 - 07:49 PM - PC

For a limited time, Humble Bundle is offering a wide collection of Tom Clancy games from the Spinter Cell series, the Ghost Recon series, and arguably the most popular, Rainbow Six series, including a multiplayer beta of the upcoming game, Rainbow Six Siege (buyers can unlock the full game pre-order for $75US).

Having been on offer for almost 14 days, Humble Bundle is still offering this amazing 'pay what you want' deal for another 24 hours, so you would have to be quick.

You can find more information about the bundle on the Humble Bundle page, here.

"Rainbow Six Siege is an intense, new approach to the first-person shooter experience."

The development of Rainbow Six Siege began in January 2013, after the cancellation of Rainbow 6: Patriots. It was announced at E3 2014, with the initial beta release is set to open on September 24th, and the official release now being in December, after being pushed from it's original intended release date in October, allowing for more development time.

The game has been announced as a first-person tactical shooter, in which players will take control of one of the Rainbow team's operator. Each operator has different perks, abilities and equipment (examples being Twitch and Smoke; the former operator is equipped with a drone that can stun enemies with electric shock, while the latter has the ability to release poison gas around the map, which will affect other enemies around the vicinity).

Other classics like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon are offered in the bundle also

Apart from the new Rainbox Six game being on offer in the bundle, buyers will also recieve copies to classic games such as Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon, critically-acclaimed games from the early 00's.

All games are offered courtesy of their publisher, Ubisoft, on their gaming platform U-Play. Proceeds from purchase will be split between Humble Bundle, Ubisoft, and a variety of charities, as is usual practice with Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle have so far raised more than $59 million for charity (as of May 2015 - current predictions are towards $70 million) since their beginning in 2010.

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