100 Games and Apps, now 99 cents on iOS

23rd Jul, 2015 - 07:16 PM - Mobile

On Thursday, Apple announced their new promotion, simply titled '100 Apps & Games'. Each of the promoted apps/games are priced at 99 cents (US) for a limited time, so act quick!

These 100 include 'Game Hits' such as BADLAND and Goat Simulator, as well as 'App Store Veterans', like the uber-popular Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

Obviously not limited to games, users can expect to find an array of apps available to choose from. These apps include the incredible Pixelmator, Facetune and some productivity-focused apps, like Scanner Pro 6.

Anyone interested in the apps & games available should head to the App Store and claim them before it's too late. Apple tends to close such promotions after a week or so, so time is of the essence.

Andy Shephard

After gaining an interest in software development during his high school years, Andy combined this interest with his love of travelling, and has worked with high-profile clients all over the world, developing a number of mobile products along the way. Now, having a keen passion in mobile app development, he is always on the lookout for new challenges, new projects, or even potential investors for some of OORAH!'s ideas.