Spin XXL and Spin XXL Sport Editions are updated!

26th Aug, 2015 - 07:27 PM - Company

At long last, we've updated the Spin XXL and Spin XXL Sports Edition games.
With various gameplay improvements, and fixes to the speech engine, we guarantee this is the best version yet!

Upcoming versions will include a refreshed Main Game UI, and a more wild points based system, allowing for erratic gameplay, ensuring full concentration when answering some of those tough questions.

We're also working on additional question packs for the games, which will expand the current pool of questions and give our players a wider variety of questions to test their knowledge with.

We hope you enjoy these new Spin XXL versions, and as always, write us your feedback via support@oorahgames.com or Tweet us (@oorahgames).

Andy Shephard

After gaining an interest in software development during his high school years, Andy combined this interest with his love of travelling, and has worked with high-profile clients all over the world, developing a number of mobile products along the way. Now, having a keen passion in mobile app development, he is always on the lookout for new challenges, new projects, or even potential investors for some of OORAH!'s ideas.