About us

Having established the company in 2012 after a long discussion involving the current selection of mobile games, and their limitations, OORAH! Games was founded with the mission of developing some of the best mobile games in the market.

The OORAH! Games team have known each other for many years, coming from development, design and management backgrounds respectively. After spending many days working for corporations, but all bonding over their love of games, they decided to take the jump and work for themselves, building mobile games that actually entertain; not the usual 3-in-a-row type games that just seem lackustre and useless compared to the device's actual potential.

Today, the team are working on a number of projects, ranging from puzzlers, adventures, action and racing games. The team's goal for the next five years is to focus on what they believe to be the future in the world of games; Wearable tech, Virtual Reality and whatever else may appear along the way.

  • Andy Shephard
  • Chris Cole

OORAH! Games was founded by partners Andy & Chris. After spending countless hours playing console and PC games, playing with mods and game engines, they took notice at the mobile space, realising there are gaps for some real entertainment.

Our Work

Each product is made with care. First, we analyse the market, see what we should do to stand out, then make it.

Each game is crafted with precision. We take pride in every piece of work we do, so that our users can see the true value and the effort spent. We rigorously test our builds, ensuring that the high standard of quality is met, before the user sees it.


Feel free to get in touch. We're always looking for new people, new ideas, and any investment we can get!

We also take donations. Every little bit helps us work faster on the next projects, new chapters for existing games, and maintaining any costs we have.

OORAH! Games,
United Kingdom